A glass furnace regenerator stores the hot fluid in a thermal storage medium intermittently before it is transferred to cold fluid. Refractories in regenerators are subject to intense aggression from hot gases and chemical reactions.

Dalmia-OCL’s silica bricks have high thermal spalling resistance and best suitable for top course of glass generator.

Dalmia-OCL’s Regenerator refractory packages include:

  • Crown & Wall: Super duty silica bricks, Magnesia 98, Creep resistant Mullite & Alumina-Silicate refractories
  • Checker packing: Alumina-Chrome, Alumina-Zirconia, 99% Alumina, Magnesia-Alumina, Magnesia-Zirconia & Magnesia 88%-98%, Alumina-Silicate refractories

Special Features

  • High hot strength
  • High thermal spalling resistance, best suitable for top course of glass regenerator
  • High creep resistance and resistance to carry over attack
  • Shapes are made almost to zero dimensional tolerance